Saturday, February 19, 2011

Movie Mash-up Madness and Celluloid Saturday

Earlier in the week Mrs Cheesecake and I were discussing films. (Not and uncommon occurrence in the Cheesecake household). I had explained to her that I was delighted that with the release Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's new film it was now possible to craft an accurate movie mash-up poster of my real name. (What you thought Pablo Cheesecake was on my birth certificate? Seriously?) My real name is Paul Holmes and by combining Pegg and Frost's alien comedy with Robert Downey Jr's consulting detective...hell you get the idea. Mrs Cheesecake took things one step further, being the photoshop ninja that she is, and created the image below. Needless to say I was over the moon. I think she has very skilfully managed to capture my best qualities in movie poster form!

Paul Holmes
Fast forward to today and we decided to head to the cinema and see the aforementioned comedy. What can I say without spoiling all the best bits? I was in a beautiful geek dream. Anyone who has ever seen Star Wars, Star Trek, BSG , Close Encounters of The Third Kind, Aliens or in fact just about any other sci-fi movie/tv show will find something to enjoy here. I fucking loved it.

After a light lunch at the chinese buffet (I'm lying, they had to roll me out of the place) we moved on to our second cinematic offering of the day - True Grit. Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and Hailee Steinfeld were all great. I can imagine that there will be Oscars.

Mrs Cheesecake also bought me The Warriors on blu-ray as a little Valentine Day's gift so I can now round of this week with a bit of 70s style gang drama. Will The Warriors make it all the way back to Coney Island with all of New York after them. Lets find out.
Later Peoples
Mr C

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Tale of The Toaster

This is essentially one big old rant so if your not interested I would look away now. Mind you there is a nice bit at the beginning about loving toast but after that….

Mrs Cheesecake are I are both fans of all things toasted. Crumpets, bagels and good old fashioned bread, they all fucking rock. A Sunday morning hardly goes by without some sort of toasted bakery product being involved. Jams and spreads are also always included and it cheers my soul at the start of the day (I think you get the gist, we like toast).

Toast...Fuck Yeah!

Recently we noted that our current toaster was on its last legs after many faithful years of service. Time for a replacement. Mrs Cheesecake shopped around online and found one on Amazon, a shiny Morphy Richards affair that seemed to meet our stringent toast related requirements. A couple of weeks later, once we had been paid, she went to purchase the toaster only to discover that it had nearly doubled in price!!! She decided to go straight to the source and purchase from Morphy Richards online as this was a cheaper option.  The toaster was duly purchased and we sat back to await its arrival.

A week later a card from a courier company was awaiting for us when we got home from work.I may be paraphrasing a bit here but the card said something along these lines -  Oh hey, we called while you were out, Oh no! We’ll try again tomorrow *smiley face*.

Next day the same thing and the day after that. Mrs Cheesecake decided to give the courier a ring. After nearly an hour of searching for a customer services number and navigating the tricky automated call logging system she finally got to speak to a real human being.

The phone call went something like this

MRS CHEESECAKE: Can you deliver to my work address as it’s easier to reach me there than at home.

COURIER: Sure. Let me just check the the item. (Slight delay) No sorry we can’t.


COURIER: Morphy Richards only allow us only to deliver to the billing address. I would suggest you give them a call. Here are there details.

So, armed with this information, Mrs Cheesecake calls Morphy Richards. She explains the situation and asks for the delivery address to be changed. Morphy Richards immediately respond with a firm NO, citing the same reason the courier gave. Mrs Cheesecake then enquires to the location of the toaster.

Morphy Richards were instructing the courier (there name rhymes with PHL) to only deliver to our home address. The courier would only delivery between 9 and 5. The hours we are at chuffing work.The only option available was to collect from the depot. Turns out that’s miles away. Mrs Cheesecake was told that it would stay there for a week and then be returned to Morphy Richards and she can request a refund at that time if she requires.

What a spectacular online shopping fuck up/fail (on almost all counts). Isn’t online purchasing supposed to be easy? You know hassle free and that sort of shit? We now both feel like this.

Toast Sad Face

See you later

A disheartened Cheesecake

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Turns out I was wrong...

The second thousand sit-ups are the hardest. I've reached the next milestone in my personal challenge for 2011. Two thousand sit-ups done, a trifling eighteen thousand to go. So far so good. If I'm being honest things are getting easier. Each morning I can rattle through fifty sit-ups and then another fifty when I get home from work. I am now trying to concentrate on improving my form. I want to make every single one of the blighters count!