Monday, July 21, 2008

Holiday Time

I've been very lax of late regarding the old blog. One of my biggest problems is laziness and I hate not made any effort to update my random internet scribblings. I intend to remedy this now!

So a quick update on things. This week end we adopted a couple of kittens. Odin and Freya are brother and sister and are currently four months old. Odin is all black while Freya is black with white patches on her face and paws. I think they are settling in well, for example they are both asleep on the sofa as I type away. There was a slight panic yesterday when Freya attempted to make a break for outdoors via the chimney but Mrs Cheesecake caught her in the nick of time.

Also we are on holiday. The weather is great so it doesn't matter that this year we are staying at home. It's my birthday on Thursday so I am looking forward to that. 34 years old and still acting like a 12 year old, some things never change!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Top Five Films

This afternoon I have been thinking about my favourite things. Specifically I was trying to decide what my top five movies of all time are? Difficult question I know. I have seen a lot of films over the years and a large majority of them were utter shit. Not that I wouldn't watch them again, I have very little in the way of good taste (You should see my wardrobe).

Anyway back to the topic at hand. What are my top five movies? Please note that these are not in any particular order of merit as I coldn't make that decision if my life depended on it.

(1) The Italian Job (1969) - A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away Britain was very cool. The comedic nonsense in this is classic. Ignore the remake in 2003 that was just an excuse to advertise the new Mini. Best cliffhanger ever!

(2) 300 (2006) - Visually this is a real treat. A feast for the eyeballs. Good story, top action and a fantastic use of modern technology to bring something to the screen that had never been seen before. A graphic novel brought to life. In my head I have abs like that.

(3) Aliens (1986) - I like Alien a lot. It's atmospheric, distressing, unsettling and creepy but I think Aliens is a better movie. I'm one of these people that constantly ponder what happens to a character after the film, of for that matter book, ends. Aliens delivers that answer and more to the point it does it well.

(4) Akira (1988) - With the exception of poorly dubbed cartoons that I used to watch during the summer holidays this was my first exposure to anime and manga. Not only does it still look fantastic over twenty years on but the story is pretty good too.

(5) The Lord of the Rings (2001-2003) - Ok so I may have cheated slightly in that my final choice is three rather than one film but c'mon it has to be seen as a whole. The beauty of it all is that it can be summed up in one word. Epic

So there you have it. Five gems from the silver screen. You may not agree with them all but hey it's my blog so I guess it's my choice. In fairness however there is a good chance that the list could change depending on my mood, the weather and a whole host of other factors.

Monday, May 26, 2008

And so it begins...

Ok so welcome to my blog thingy. I've decided to ponder the universe using the electronic medium of the internet. I tried interpretive dance but that didn't work so blogging seemed like the next logical step.

Sorry I lied about the dance thing. I'm a big chap and reasonably clumsy. I just felt that mentioning an artistic hobby may make me sound more windswept and interesting. I guess not. In fact when I comes to hobbies I don't really have any. I read, I watch TV and movies but I don't do anything creative. Maybe this is my creative thing???

Anywho how are you all? Well I hope. I've just spent the last 2 hours ironing (who says I'm not a new man) and watching Who Dares Wins. Days off don't get much better than that. Ok perhaps not the ironing bit but the film is kick-ass. If you've never seen it I strongly suggest that you locate a copy. It's well worth the search.

So let me tell you a little about myself. Actually I don't think I will. Not yet anyway. Perhaps if anyone out there is interested maybe I will eventually answer some questions but at the moment I will relish the air of mystery. Anyway the photo says a lot don't you think?

I'm not sure how often I am going to post or indeed about what. I just sort of like the idea of an internet message in a bottle. I guess all bloggers feel like that to a degree don't they? Your all out there aren't you with your ideas and thougths just bursting to get out. I'll have a think about it all . Maybe there is something I feel I should share. I'm thinking kinda a stream of conciousness type thing (ideas on a postcard).

Oh as a kind of facebook type status update thing - my blog was brought to you by the sound of the wind outside. (see there you go I'm sharing already. Now you all know I live somewhere that has wind outside of it.) For more exciting factoids please feel free to take a look at my profile.

Who knows when I'll be back this way again. If I feel the urge to post could be tomorrow but then again it might not. I'll let you know. Until we meet again. Laters!